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Friday, August 11, 2006

Arma Shirts – More than a T-Shirt company

It is not surprising to find out that having a College Degree more than doubles your annual income. We,, recognize this and understand that only about 25% of the population has such a degree. We want to promote greatness and we want more young adults to choose to continue their education past High School and on to Higher education.

College is important and as new generations will find out it will almost be as necessary as graduating high school. With this increase in demand for higher education the already overpriced college tuition is rising which will prevent some less fortunate young adults from attending a 4 year institution.

The government has grants that help alleviate the high costs, but most middle class, average people are unable to receive them. These grants are truly designed to not help anyone except the extremely poor or the extremely gifted.

When young adults begin their search for colleges and continue their search for funding possibilities they will notice how many ‘scholarships’ are out there. I am aware of one scholarship that you are eligible for just because you are over 6 feet tall, or scholarships can be available to certain ethnic groups just because they are a member of that ethnic group (I am Native American…..I took advantage.) These scholarships are very competitive and although there are several out there, the amount of time and effort it takes to apply and actually be awarded one of these scholarships generally becomes too much.

Well now wants to help out the future of our great nation and global economy by assisting young adults with scholarships for doing nothing more than what they are already doing, getting Custom Shirts and custom products made. is starting their own scholarship.

Each and every school provides products for is eligible to hand out these scholarships and some schools will be able to pass out more than one or one BIG scholarship. is basing this scholarship program on the amount of Custom Products the individual school has purchased from August to April of each school year. After a school has purchased $2,000 worth of T-Shirts and other selected product (this is not that much when you think about it), will begin to give back up to 10% of their profits back to that individual school. The individual school will be able to disburse this money to a graduating senior/s of their choice as long as the graduating senior meets our criteria.

This scholarship is a work in progress and soon the Terms and Conditions will be posted on Check the site out for details.


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