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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Long time coming

Arma Shirts is and has always been a great business idea. This company had very little start up costs and has absolutely no overhead costs. We Nathaniel Broughton and Tom Kissell (myself) thought up this business we named the company Brilliant LLC, because at that time we perceived ourselves in that way.

We benged drank in college and worked very hard at SEO for another company and lost all of our focus and dedication to our own personal company Sure we had success of several large Greek and non-Greek T-Shirt deals and had some opportunities to work with Arma like a real company.

Blinded by all of our then current obligations we looked at Arma as a little dust magnet, like an old toy in your closet that collected dust, but still got played with from time to time. During those rare occasions Arma proved to be very profitable. We are very proud that we brought in Revenues over $30K by working on it for less than one hour a week.

We had dreams of making a lot of money selling funny T-Shirts only to realize that if we wanted to make a lot of money easily that the money would come from Promotional Products and Custom T-Shirts. At this point our company was no longer “Fun” Because work no longer consisted of thinking up a funny slogan or witty design and pressing it on a T-Shirt. Even though this thrill loss, we managed to make money.

Nathaniel, being a year older and wiser, received a great opportunity from our current employer to run a ‘real’ company (one that made it into inc magazine.) As for myself, I could/can not abandon my scholastic ambitions and decided to attend Law School.

Now, along with Law School, is my project. I will make a successful company and I plan on using alone to fund my education.

It is August of 2006 and, a 2 year old company, will be starting an advertising campaign. Our new focus is High Schools across the great state of Missouri. In particular we will be targeting the small schools. Small schools of less than 1000 students that are not conveniently located near a larger city.

The hassle for these small schools to acquire high quality custom products and a cheap rate will no longer be a problem. customizes in custom printed promotional products and custom T-Shirts. We can get designs made by top quality graphic designers. We can get any product or shirt. We can ship products directly to our customers. We can do all this without having to step away from a computer and making 2 phone calls.

We will start with small schools in Missouri and then we will hop from state to state, forming lasting relationships and long-term customers. is back, and it is about time.


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