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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

new website

So today we launched our new front page at Arma. The pics of the shirts look way better, you can actually see what they look like and all. And to mark this momentus occasion, I went ahead and put us up on thefacebook's announcements. Hopefully we'll get some traffice. Some new shirts are on the way as well - "Flip Cup Champ", "Blimpin ain't easy", and maybe a few others we're tossing around the office. T-shirts all day baby. Gotta love the funny t-shirts - ain't that right Google?

Talk to you soon.

Monday, December 06, 2004

arma on

Tom the pimp is right yo', everyone needs to join the group on It's the best way to let everyone else out there know how dope's original t-shirts are. I mean, if the shirts are that funny I'm sure that people just need to find out about them and then we'll all be happy. Happy shirts, laughing about t-shirts all day long.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

tha beginning 2 - funny t-shirts

So it's rather early in the life of Arma, although for me it seems like it's been forever already. We have accomplished one great feat - obtain boxes of shirts and a large debt. Damn, that is sweet. Anyways, no one cares about that really. Hell, no one is going to care about anything that gets posted up here but that's alright. Here's how this thing will work:

1. We will post funny stories about crap we do.
2. We can talk about shirts.
3. I will attempt to trick Google.

Spray fart? I think so.

Funny shirts - t-shirts - hoodies: All at

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